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reading between the lines, of what you say & what i said.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010
Passerby: Titi cantik tak burok.. (((:
- aww, thank you sweetheart! :)

ekin: makeupnye makin mantap loh gitu.. i loike!!!
- lol, no way.

nadiah: loves your eye makeup babe! People who criticize u means that they are just jealous of u bcoz u are beautiful! Keep ur blog rolling, im ur avid reader
- thank you so much! welcome to my humble blog. :)

zy: omg. ure gorgeous. and i love the way the bronzer just goes with ur face n complexion. perfect!
- hello zy, thanks for th compliment. ure gorgeous too!!

lyn: i agree with zy.. what bronzer u used? u look hot sgt2!
- you can try urban decay baked bronzer? me loikeee!

ira: hey babe, what foundation did u use?
- i mixed l'oreal and my revlon liquid together.

sofee: hey girl, whr did u get the mufe thingy?i simply love ur make-up!
- mufe is from makeupforever brand. they're good! :)


Im so tired from work. I feel like i got only one day off this week. Off day also must come back for training. Omg!! Im so tired and sleepy. Can't wait to hit th sack. Been 3 days never meet th boy. Miss him so much. Weird but i really miss him. But i don't want tell him, because he also don't want to meet. Haiya. He needs to study for his exams, i understand. At th same time im very upset and bored. So earlier on i went out with my favourite chinese collegue after work. Went to find for her bird nest at taka and then we went lv boutique. Im so sad because th bag i want is out of stock. Im really very sad laaa!! Cannot reserve somemore. I can't be calling or walking in and out to ask right? Waste time. They should change their policy. Can or not? And because of this im contemplating whether to get lv or gucci tote bag. This is my ever first expensive bag im gonna buy. Ok not me laaa, use th mother's money first. Im poor but i know i can pay my mum back (lol!), i still got reserved stuffs at my workplace i haven't buy. Duit sangkot sey, my pay on th 7th then come in. Haiyo! I plan so many things already, no choice got to use my saving first then top up. Sian sian sian!! Everywhere must use money. Plus my KL trip with my collegues after raya. Wah, pening laaa. Money money come to meeeee!! I got 17 little cousins to give duit raya. Kira kira is around 300 dollars. Pengsan sey aku. And i haven't buy heels. Somebody borrow me 5k can?! So i can buy atleast 3 lv bag and one aldo heels. Th rest i give back if i never use. How? Anyone?!

So many things to do, so little time. I don't know if i should go dark colors back for my hair. Majority said no. I don't know if i should cut. But again, majority said no. Omg, i think i got too much things to do until i don't know where to start. Helppp!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010
So pissed off with all th people from th past! Get lost i don't even want to hear your name. Its always you you you. Omg, why am i so unlucky?! And please, never in my life i regretted for not having you. Tolong jangan bilang kawan kau yang aku ni menyesal tak sudah break dengan kau. It must have been your mouth telling tales about me. No one else. If you can fake things about your previous ex to me, i don't see why you won't do that to me with other girls. Losersss!! Perangai young kids, tolong grow up! 6 years ago till now, you are still th same asshole.

I have th best bf ever and thanks to him i am being good now. Even my other exes are on good terms with my bf except you. You know why? Because we all think kau ni masih budak kental baru nak naik. Budak taik la yang takde hasil. Menyampah siak. Berbual banyak, habuk takde. Kau no.1 champion selalu!! Woohoo, dick!

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Md khairon, nasib you are not like that. Phew, i am so bloody thankful can?! Anyway, report made. And im so happy already. And i will not be surprised if you were th one who passed my number. Kita bukan budak taik nak main jumpe gadoh gadoh. Nak fight, kita fight kat court. Not bawah blk. Haha, no standard.

Saturday, August 21, 2010
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I am very sleepy, im gonna take a short nap and then head out. Wahhh, so sleepy siakkk!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

So patriotic or what my lips?! Md khairon shocked like hell. -.-

Ugh, i have this fucking urge to draw my money from my savings account!! But relax, i'll make do with th $30 i have with me now. Or was it $10? Lol! To last till middle of th month. Must must must!! Else, no point right i open another bank account. Zzz! Lagi puasa, save duit. Ahem except if i come menses then i got excuse right? Hahahaha! Must share with my workmates because they're th ones who help to remind me to save up. Hahaha, kawan kasi nasihat baru dengar. Likewise i gave them nasihat too ok. Hehe! :)

Today is national day. Facebook is full of patriotic people wishing th nation's happy birthday. Chet! Squeezed our way through marina sq just to catch them live. Md khairon loves fireworks!! Every year without fail lor. Or should i say every saturday on th month of august? Haha, boleh sampai gadoh because i don't really fancy watching fireworks lor. Like same only. Im so sorry md khairon, but its th truth. Lol!

Ok bye. Want to sleep. Tomorrow till thursday im working. Love love love this week's shift eventhough tomorrow my offday burn! I hope my baby pass his TP! I believe you can do it. Good luck!! :)

Hi im back blogging. I willl close them again when i feel like it. Then i'll reopen them back. Haha. Waiting for kai to finsh his prac. I dyed my hair, diy and it fucking sucks. Haiya. Fuck revlon. -.-

Anyway, my roster changed and im so angry. Last minute they said i cannot get my offday for tuesday. I requested since last week bodoh. Bodoh punya gemok. Its my baby's tp day!! I want to be there for him!! Be th first to know his results. Cibai cibai cibai. Fuck that gemok's life!!

So many things happened. And iam so proud to tell th whole world that i finally opened a bank account for me to save. Haha, finally!! Parents and bf are so proud of me. But i not happy because i have to cut down alot of things. No shopping spree for me. :(

And and i can't wait for next month. Going KL with my work mates. Lol! Hoping that gemok will approve our leave. Bf cannot follow because its a girls trip. Kesian!!

Iam already in my holiday mood!!